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Ballymena Nursery School -
Ballymena Nursery School
Ballymena Nursery School offers pre-school education.

The bright colours of the site were aimed at linking with the colours in the physical premises.

While the content on the site is primarily for parents, there is also an activity area which changes each month and features activities that parents and children can do together.

New areas have been added to the web site to make it more interactive. The children can now 'sing-a-long' to that month's song, using the sounds on the web site to play music. The new doodle spot allows them to draw on a chalkboard using different coloured chalks, and they can also trace shapes on the 'follow-my-lead' page.

These changes were incorporated into the web site, to make it more appealing for the nursery children, and to help them to learn more about using a computer.